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Rules for registering entrepreneurs engaged in food industry


The Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been registering entrepreneurs engaged in all stages of food supply chain and keeping the state register since July 1.

Entrepreneurs engaged in food safety industry are registered at “ASAN xidmet” centers based on applications submitted to the Agency.



Entrepreneurs seeking registration are required to submit the following documents:

- Filled-in application form;

- Copy of individual entrepreneurship ID; 

- Copy of taxpayer`s certificate;

- Copy of the legal entity`s state register certificate;

- Certificate of entrepreneur`s authorized representative;

- Notarized copy of certificate of right of ownership, use and rent for each of the mentioned objects;

- Exporters or foreign economy entities should submit notarized copy of the subject`s (its object`s) certificate of registration by the authorized body and safety certificate (if available) of the product;

- Certificate of official fee payment.


NOTE: The application form must include the name, legal or registration address, the area of activity of the entrepreneur, actual address of the activity of the registered entrepreneur, Taxpayer Identification Number, information on the authorized representative (if available), information on the number of employees (including those who passed medical examination), information on the product or services.